USA v Adrian Armstrong

Mr. Armstrong, a Jamaican citizen, was arrested along with a number of other defendants as a result of an investigation by the DEA in San Juan, Puerto Rico.    The government produced two tapes that they claimed proved Mr. Armstrong’s involvement in a crime.  Our examination determined that a) neither tape was original,   b) neither tape contained a full conversation, and c) each tape had been altered to eliminate portions of the conversation.  After 2 hearings, the court agreed with our findings and denied admission of the tapes.  There being no other evidence, the felony charges were dismissed.

Oregon v Kennedy

Our enhancement and transcription of an inaudible tape proved defendant’s role In a murder. James Griffin testified at a pre-trial hearing on behalf of the State of Oregon. Defendant later pled guilty.

Alabama v Thomas Blanton

Reviewed and corrected errors in government’s transcripts in the “Birmingham Church Bombing” case.

Patton v Georgia Pacific

Analyzed plaintiff’s tape on behalf of defendant and proved that the recording had been entirely fabricated by plaintiff. The conversation which plaintiff alleged demonstrated unfair labor practices by defendant never took place. The Court dismissed the case after reviewing our report.

USA v Qubilah Shabbaz

In 1995, a government informant alleged that Ms. Shabazz had attempted to hire him to kill Louis Farrakhan, whom she believed to be responsible for the assassination of her father, Malcolm X. Our analysis revealed numerous stops and starts of the recorder and that tapes claimed to be original were in fact copies. The felony charges were dismissed.

Griffin v Nynex, et al

Plaintiff recordings of his work environment were alleged to be altered copies by a defense “expert.” Our examination showed numerous flaws in the procedures and conclusions of the defense expert, after which the defense objections to the tapes were shown to be without merit.

Stephanie Odom-Lee v Lipscomb Oil, et al

Plaintiff alleged harassment in work environment and produced audio recordings in support of claim. Analysis revealed normal work-related conversations, which plaintiff had altered in an attempt to incriminate employer.

Mississippi v Steve Strickler

A motorist on cocaine resisted arrest and struggled with several officers who were attempting to extract him from vehicle and restrain him. Suspect was later found dead in the jail and the officers were charged with manslaughter. Using the police radio traffic recording and the video tape from cruisers dashboard camera, we created a real-time video program demonstrating that   while on camera, the officers used appropriate non-lethal force and while off-camera, the officers didn’t have time to injure the suspect. Steve Strickler was acquitted on June 4, 2002.

USA v Luis Posada Carriles

Indictment charged 78-year old Cuban-born Posada with one count of naturalization fraud and six counts of making false statements in a naturalization proceeding. The government strategy included portraying defendant as a terrorist and introduced 10-year old audio tapes made of an interview given to the New York Times which they claimed supported that contention. Our analysis revealed numerous erasures in the recordings. An FBI examiner found the same “gaps”, but refused to call them “ erasures” during a pre-trial hearing. James Griffin testified during the hearing and at trial that the all possibilities other than erasure had been excluded. The government did not call the FBI analyst to refute this testimony at trial before the jury. Mr. Posada was acquitted of all charges on April 8, 2011 after a 13-week trial.

Florida v Todd Ball

The state alleged that video recordings from convenience stores and bank security cameras placed defendant’s vehicle in the vicinity of a murder, contrary to defendant’s statements. Our enhancement of the video recordings revealed significant differences between the images on the video and the defendant’s truck. State then turned the tapes over to the FBI lab which confirmed the misidentification. All charges were dropped.