Mr. Wilkerson was acquitted of all charges. I want to tell you how well your testimony went. You being able to contradict testimony that the tape had been stopped and started several times during the filming seemed to be of major impact. Besides being most professional in your work product, you made an excellent witness.

 Walter A. Greiss, Eutaw, AL 

Without your help and expertise, we would not have had the evidence we needed to be ready for trial. The evidence that you developed for us out of that amateur video tape strengthened our position.

 William A. David, Tallahassee FL 

Thank you for your valuable assistance in the defense of Damian Lamb. I sincerely feel that without your contribution, we would not have been successful.

Charles W. Wright, Meridian, MS

Please find enclosed the Washington Post article detailing the freedom of Ellen Reasonover. Your enhancement of the Reasonover tapes was very important to the cause of freeing her through the Federal District Courts.

 Jim McCloskey, Centurion Ministries, Princeton NJ 

I want to thank you for the recent work you did on a taped statement given by my client. My client was facing exposure that included a life without parole sentence and a 50 year sentence on top of that. Due to your excellent work, we were able to reach a plea bargain in which my client will do less than seven years total jail time.

 J. Michael Small, Alexandria, LA 

Faced with twelve hours of largely unintelligible audio tape, together with video tapes, confessions, masks, bags, and a particularly large .44 magnum, I was terrified of the state's case. You cleaned up the tapes, transforming statements which at first blush appeared to be further nails for my client's coffin into what they really were: purely exculpatory evidence. Absent your assistance, I would have been hard pressed to have obtained the hung jury result. Moreover, your command of the subject matter of the tapes rendered you an invaluable assistant at trial.

 Norman Silverman, Houston, TX