James A. Griffin Testimony History


Gary Randle v City of Ft. Worth, et al, US District Court, N Div Texas, Ft. Worth, Civil Action No. 4:93-CV-694-Y. Prepared enhancement and transcript on behalf of defendants. Gave deposition at request of plaintiff on 10-25-95. Attorneys for Defendant: Mark A. Cover and Stuart B. Johnston, c/o VINSON & ELKINS, Dallas, TX (214) 220-7700

Malbrough v State Farm, US District Court, E District of Louisiana, New Orleans, C.A. No 95-3340-C.
Authenticated recordings on behalf of defendant, testified at trial October 1996. Attorneys for defendant:Wayne Lee and Anne Winter, c/o STONE PIGMAN, New Orleans, LA (504)581-3200

Mascaro v Mascaro, 22d JDC, Louisiana. Authenticated and enhanced recordings, corrected transcripts, produced compact disc for trial playback on behalf of defendant. Testified by deposition, May 1998. Attorney for defendant: Andy Lee, Jones Walker, New Orleans, LA. (504)582-8664

Stephanie Odom-Lee v Lipscomb Oil, US District Court, Southern District of Mississippi, Jackson Division, Civ Action No: 3:01CV550LN. Testified at defendant’s hearing on motion for sanctions against plaintiff for fabricating evidence. Sept 17, 2002. Silas McCharen, Daniel Coker Horton & Bell, attorney for defendant (601)969-7607

Michael Pardue v City of Saraland, Alabama, et al, US District Court, Southern District of Alabama, Southern Division, CV-99-0799-RV-M. Examined police interrogation tape of plaintiff made in 1973. Testified in deposition at request of defendants, February 27, 2003. James G. Curenton, Jr, attorney for plaintiff (251) 928-3993. Drew Christman, attorney for defendant (334) 834-9950. Larry Wettermark, attorney for defendant (251) 476-4493

In the matter of Ms. Tan Guat Neo Phyllis as an Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore and In The matter of the Legal Professional Act, Chapter 161. Examined digital audio and video recordings and testified in a hearing before the Tribunal in the Supreme Court of Singapore, July 2006.

Ronnie Lymas v Double Quick, Inc. Civil Action No 2007-0072 In The Circuit Court of Humphreys County, MS. Enhanced store surveillance video and refuted plaintiff’’s expert’s contention that video had been altered. June 25, 2008.

Cornelius v Bholanath, Inc, et al, Washington County (MS) Circuit Court, 2008-0154-CI Testified for defendant in deposition Sept 24, 2009.

Fernando Hooks v Jace Martin, et al, USDC, District of Kansas, Kansas City Case 2:09-cv-02167-KHV-GLR. Testified in deposition for Plaintiff, December 21, 2009.

Thomas L. Swarek, et al v Derr Plantation, Inc, Issaqueena County, MS Chancery Court 05-0004. Authenticated audio recordings, testified for Plaintiff in hearing Jan. 31-Feb. 1, 2011. Charles Pickering, attorney for plaintiff.

In the matter of Cadet Albert Sheppard, Disciplinary hearing for West Point cadet charged with rules infractions. Testified on behalf of cadet via telephonic deposition Aug 19, 2015. Daniel Conway, attorney for cadet.

Adrian Armstrong v.United States Attorney General, 3:12-cv-01605-CCC USDC Puerto Rico.  Civil case arising from USDC for District of Puerto Rico,    CR No. 04-250 (JAG)     Repeated testimony that taped evidence was an altered copy.


Mississippi v Walter Thomas, 11th Judicial District, Mississippi. Enhanced tape recordings and testified at trial on behalf of state, February 1996. Ed Snyder, Assistant Attorney General (601)359-3680

North Carolina v Leopold Armstrong , 93-CRS-942 Robeson County, NC. Authenticated recordings on behalf of defendant. Testified at suppression hearing and at trial, July 1996. Angus B. Thompson, Jr., attorney for defendant (910)671-3364.

Alabama v Steve Wilkerson, Circuit Court of Marengo County, AL Enhanced and authenticated recordings on behalf of defendant, testified at trial October 1996. Walter Griess, attorney for defendant (205) 372-9333

Texas v Patrick Delasbour, 179 D.C. Harris County TX. Enhanced approx 12 hours of tape recordings on behalf of defendant. Testified at pre-trial hearing and at trial, Feb. 1997. Norman J. Silverman, attorney for defendant. (713)546-7060

Michigan v Charles Fisher, Circuit Court of Wayne County MI. The tape of a 911 call made by defendant was garbled and unintelligible in places. A transcript produced by the state placed incriminating words in the mouth of defendant. Our enhancement and analysis of the original tape revealed that the incriminating words were not on the tape and never could have been on the tape. Testified at trial on behalf of defendant, September 1997. James M. Kincaid, attorney for defendant. (313) 965-4384

Georgia v Marcus Ray Johnson, Circuit Court of Doherty County, GA. Our examination of a suspect interrogation tape revealed that the police officer had stopped the tape, despite his testimony to the contrary. An FBI expert later examined tape and agreed. Testified at pre-trial hearing, September, 1997 and at trial April 1998. Ronnie Joe Lane, attorney for defendant. (912)524-2149

Kansas v John Cheek, Circuit Court of Wyandotte County, KS. After an altercation in a bar, a security guard was killed by an off-duty police officer, who was then charged and convicted of first degree murder. The conviction was overturned on appeal and a new trial held. Our analysis of the 911 tape pinpointed the location and timing of gunshots, revealing that the shots could not have occurred as some prosecution witnesses had testified that they did. Cheek was convicted of lesser charge of manslaughter. Testified at trial, April 13 1998. James R. Hobbs, Cheryl Pilate, attorneys for defendant. (816) 221-0080

Oregon v Kennedy, Circuit Court of Benton County, OR. Testified by telephone at pre-trial hearing on behalf of State of Oregon Attorney General’s Office. September 2000.

Mississippi v Steve Strickler, Circuit Court of Jackson County, MS Testified at Trial on behalf of defendant. May 31, 2002. Frank Trapp, Phelps Dunbar, Jackson MS.

Mississippi v Thaddeus Edmonson Circuit Court, Jones County MS. Testified in at trial regarding enhancement of audio tracks of poor quality video tapes on behalf of state, April 1, 2003. Lee Martin, Assistant Attorney General.

USA v Rady A. Sdoulam, et al. No. 02-00131-01-CR-W-4 USDC, Western Dist of Missouri. Enhanced gov’t recordings, corrected errors and omissions in gov’t transcripts, testified at trial on behalf of defendant, May 19, 2003. James R. Wyrsch,Justin J. Johnston, attorneys for defendant (816) 221-0080 

Oregon v Gary Repp Medford OR Analysis of 911 recording contradicted state’s theory of case. Testified at trial Feb. 18, 2004. Defendant acquitted. Jeni Feinberg, attorney for defendant (541) 779-8916

USA v David L. Knellinger No. 3:06-CR-126 in the Eastern District of Virginia (Richmond) Testified in pretrial hearing November 6, 2006. Ian N. Friedman, attorney for defendant.

Mississippi v James Henderson Madison County Court, April 26, 2007 Testified for defendant regarding the integrity of recording used by him to establish sequence and timing of events. Rogen Chhabra, attorney for defendant.

West Virginia v Ronald Schleger Preston County Court, September 6, 2007 Testified at trial for defendant Schleger, who was charged with murder after altercation with neighbor resulted in neighbor’s death. Analysis & enhancement of 911 recording revealed that the neighbor was the actual aggressor. Schleger was acquitted. James Zimarowski, attorney for defendant.

USA v Adrian Armstrong USDC for District of Puerto Rico, CR No. 04-250 (JAG) Found irregularities proving tapes were altered by a C.I., testified so at hearings October 2007 and October 2008. Government later retained an expert who confirmed our findings.

New Mexico v David Lukens, Albuquerque NM County of Bernalillo CR 2007-0803. Found alterations in tape recording produced by government’s lead witness. Testified at hearing and before jury, January 2009. Ray Twohig, defense attorney.

USA v Luis Posada Carriles USDC Western District of Texas, EP-07-CR-87-KC7, Found alterations in government evidence recordings, testified in hearing on behalf of defendant November 16, 2010 and at trial on March 24-25, 2011. Arturo V. Hernandez, Rhonda Anderson, defense attorneys.

Florida v Todd A. Ball Circuit Court of Walton County, 09-CF-0219. Extracted and enhanced still photos from original surveillance video, casting doubt on State’s identification of defendant’s vehicle. Testified on behalf of defendant via telephone deposition Dec 22, 2010. FBI analysis later confirmed our findings and charges were dropped. Harry Harper, defense attorney.

Georgia v Scott W. Davis Fulton County Court Case No. 05SC37460 Examined audio tape of suspect ’s police interview, found stops, re-starts, and erasures. Testified in appellate hearing on October 27, 2011. Marcia G. Shein, defense attorney.